Asher Hotseti Etkhem (Who Brought You Out of the Land) (2021)
Performed by the Neue Vocalsolisten
at the Eclat Festival in Stuttgart Germany, February 2021
Commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart, Akademie der Künste Berlin, Irtijal Festival Beirut, Onassis Cultural Center/Stegi Athens, Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Nulla Res Singularis
for Five Voices and Five String Instruments (2017-2018)
Premiered by the Schola Heidelberg and Ensemble Aisthesis
Walter Nussbaum, conductor
Second version premiered at the Americas Society, New York, May 2018
Commissioned by the Klangforum Heidelberg
Score (excerpt)

Al Ken Kara (That Is Why It Was Called)
for Seven Voices (2013-2014)
Performed by the Neue Vocalsolisten
at the Eclat Festival in Stuttgart Germany, February 2014
Part of the Mediterranean Voices Project with video artist Daniel Kötter and architect Sofia Dona
Commissioned by Musik der Jahrhunderte
Score (excerpt)
Audio (mp3)

HaDavar (The Word)
Version II for Countertenor, Piano, Resonant Gongs and Electronics (2010 – 2011)
Kai Wessel, countertenor, Sven Thomas Kiebler, piano, Experimentalstudio, Dániel Péter Biró and Kirk McNally, electronics
Performed at the Fromm Concerts, Harvard University, April 2, 2011
Awarded the Gigahertz Production Prize for Electronic Music in 2010
Awarded the International Society for Contemporary Music Austrian Section New Vocal Works Competition Prize in 2011
Score (excerpt)
Audio (mp3 – excerpt)

Mishpatim (Laws)
Six-Part Composition Cycle
for Voices, Ensemble, Resonant Instruments and Electronics (2003 -2019)
Noa Frenkel, contralto, Ermis Theodorakis, piano, Olaf Tzschoppe, percussion
Christian Kemper, Cornelius Bauer, voices
Experimentalstudio: Reinhold Braig, Simon Spillner, Dominik Pahnke, Sven Kestel, electronics
Ensemble Surplus, Erich Wagner, Conductor
NEOS Music 11919-20, October 2019
Duration: 2 hours, 24 minutes, 16 seconds
Audio (excerpts)
Research Catalogue

Sefirot (Emanations)
for Seven Voices and Twenty Instruments
Performed by the Schola Heidelberg and Ensemble Aisthesis, Walter Nußbaum, conductor
at the University of Heidelberg on October 16, 2015
Commissioned by the Klangforum Heidelberg
Score (excerpt)
Audio (mp3)

Kivrot Hata’avah (Graves of Craving)
for Bass Flute
Sylvie Lacroix, Bass Flute
Selected as an independent submission to represent Canada and Hungary at the ISCM (International Society of Contemporary Music) 2013 World New Music Days
Premiered by Sylvie Lacroix on Novmeber 11, 2013 at the Konzerthaus in Vienna, Austria as part of the festival Wien Modern
Score (excerpt)
Audio (mp3)
Video (with score)

Bahar (On the Mountain)
for Contralto, Piano, Percussion, Resonant Gongs and Electronics (2010–2015)
Noa Frenkel, contralto, Sven Thomas Kiebler, piano, Olaf Tzschoppe, Percussion, Experimentalstudio: Reinhold Braig, Thomas Hummel, Simon Spillner, electronics
Concert Recording at Imatronic Festival on Novemeber 24, 2012
Commissioned by the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany and the Experimentalstudio in Freiburg, Germany as part of the Gigahertz Production Prize for Electronic Music
Score (excerpt)
Audio (mp3 – excerpt) 

Simanim (Signs/Traces) 
For Ensemble and Electronics(2007)
HR Ensemble für Neue Musik
(Members of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra)
Thomas Posth, Conductor
Dániel Péter Biró, Randy Jones,
Experimentalstudio: Rheinhold Braig and Michael Acker, Electronics
Score (excerpt)
Audio (mp3 – excerpt – Movements 2 – 12)

Lizkor VeLishkoach (to Remember and to Forget) 
for String Quartet (2000) 
Speculum Musicae – Curtis Macomber, violin, Carol Zeavin, violin, Lois Martin, viola and Eric Bartlett, cello
Recorded at Princeton University, May 8th, 2001
Score (excerpt)
Audio (mp3 – excerpt)

Mishpatim (Laws) Composition Cycle

Edition Gravis

Material Press

Canadian Music Centre